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            Changzhou Gainac Electronics Co., Ltd

            The company is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales at home and abroad.

            The company is specialized in the design and manufacture of systems such as technical consultation, scheme design, production and delivery of electric heating products. The products are widely used in automobile, new energy battery, safety supervision, electrical equipment and other industries, and are widely praised by various industries.

            With years of focus and accumulation in the electric heating industry and a large proportion of continuous investment in the research and development of core technologies such as processes and independent equipment, the company has completed the great innovation of products from aesthetic appearance to built-in performance, and created today's strong and reliable core competitiveness of the company!

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            Safe and efficient
            Defrosting and defogging effect
            Accurate temperature control
            High electrothermal conversion rate
            Long service life
            Stable performance
            Quality and technology