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            Understand the real-time dynamic of Gainac and update the R & D results

            What are the characteristics of the heating element?
             Source: Date:2021-03-31 16:52:40

            Electric heating sheet is a kind of electric heating device which winds the resistance heating wire on the mica plate (mica sheet). It has the advantages of high temperature resistance and good insulation performance.

            1. Cost saving and long life. It can control the heating of the heater without temperature feedback from special temperature controllers, thermal resistance thermocouples and other temperature sensors. Its temperature regulation depends on its own material characteristics, so that the service life of this product is much longer than that of other heaters. Rapid temperature rise, automatic temperature control in case of fan failure and long service life.

            2. It is safe, green and environment-friendly. The design heating temperature of the heating plate body is multi-level below 200 ℃. In any case, the body is not red and has a protective isolation layer. In any application, asbestos and other thermal insulation materials are not required for cooling treatment. It can be used safely, and there is no problem of scalding and causing fire.

            3. Save electric energy. Compared with electric heating tube and resistance wire heating products, the heating plate adjusts its own thermal power output according to the change of ambient temperature based on the characteristics of the material. Therefore, the heating plate can optimize and control the electric energy consumption of the heater to a small extent. At the same time, the materials with high heating efficiency also greatly improve the utilization efficiency of electric energy.