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            What is the heating plate of car rearview mirror? What does it do?
             Source: Date:2021-03-31 16:54:20

            Does the rearview mirror need heating? Is there anyone who doesn't quite understand this function? Now many cars are equipped with the heating plate of the rear-view mirror, which is also very practical in rainy and snowy days. The heating key that can operate the rear-view mirror independently is set on the console of some cars. Let's take a look at the heating effect of the rearview mirror.

            The heating function of rear-view mirror refers to that when the car is driving in rain, snow, fog and other weather, it is heated through the electric hot wire behind the mirror embedded in the lens to ensure the clear surface of the lens. The heating of the exterior rearview mirror, like the headlamp cleaning, is a linkage function, which is easy to ignore. In fact, it is very simple. If the car has the heating function of the external rearview mirror, just press the defogging key of the rear window directly (some cars have separate heating buttons).

            Automobile rearview mirror heating plate

            In fact, the working principle of electric heating mirror is very simple, and the cost is not high. If the electric heating sheet (electric heating film) is installed on the lenses of the rear-view mirrors on both sides, turn on the electric heating function of the rear-view mirrors in rainy or snowy days, and the electric heating sheet will quickly heat to a certain temperature within a few minutes, usually between 35-60 degrees, so as to achieve the effect of anti fog and defrosting.

            The cost of installing rearview mirror heating is not very high. After installing the rear-view mirror heating, the driver can ensure the clarity of the rear-view mirror and improve the safety in a cold environment. The cost is cheap. If your car doesn't have the function of rear-view mirror heating, you can install it.