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            Understand the real-time dynamic of Gainac and update the R & D results

            What is the difference between the intelligent temperature regulation of heating plate and the common gear temperature regulation of heating plate?
             Source: Date:2021-03-31 17:41:17

            I feel that the whole heating plate industry is making progress, which may be related to daily living habits. Now people know more and more to enjoy it. They use electric gloves, electric clothes, electric scarves, electric socks, electric skirts, etc. they don't suffer from the severe cold when they go out in winter. As a manufacturer of heating plates, I feel very gratified. After all, is the road of sales wide?

            Gear temperature regulation

            The composition of a heating element assembly is divided into heating wire, cloth, connecting wire, plug and control system. After assembling and connecting each part, a set of controllable heating system is formed. The industry is called heating element assembly, which is referred to as heating element product for short. The heating element made according to this method can be controlled by the gear of the controller. The controller has color indicator lights for reference, such as red for gear 1, blue for gear 2 and green for gear 3, Purple refers to 4 gears, etc. the high and low temperature of the heating element is determined by the different power supply proportion of each gear. This method is gear temperature regulation, which can only monitor the approximate temperature area of each gear, taking the actual measurement as the standard!